My First blog post

I have been wanting to start a blog, because I feel like I have something to give. Hopefully I do! My main reason for wanting to start a blog is to share my life experiences on the farm. Lots of things happen everyday on a farm, and it’s never boring! Just the Goats themselves provide a ton of humor and laughs around here! Here are my main reason to stating a blog –

#1 to help people understand what it’s like living on a farm. Some people only know what they read and watch on TV these days. So when they imagine a girl in the country, they just think “Oh, she must wear shortie shorts and a half shirt” not at all. You’ll see me most days in long pants and a T-shirt with muck boots on.

#2 I can talk all day if someone would let me! Having a blog is a nice way for me to let things out.

#3 I’m actually quite an opinionated person. But I don’t want you to worry, I can be opinionated and still see both sides to a story. I want to talk about important things in Agriculture and on the farm. I also won’t be Sugar Coating things that go on around the farm, what happens won’t be always pretty or happy, there are days that make even the strongest and toughest cowboy want to give up.